I deliver both 1:1 and group coaching programs, focused on the areas of online marketing such as niche development, brand identification, mastering your money mindset and more. If you have questions about whether we should work together, schedule your free Discovery Call.


Check out my Facebook Page for the latest free guides, templates & classes. Learn anything from how to balance your business to building your confidence with live video.

marketers club

Supportive membership program for women service entrepreneurs to grow their business brands online, embracing self-care and releasing limiting beliefs about success.

22social pages

22Social is a one-of-a-kind online tool you can use to convert your Facebook Page into a miniature website. As a certified expert I can help you set up your pages with no-fuss.

confidence on camera course

Learn How to Overcome the Challenge of Getting In Front of a Camera. Connect with Your Audience & Build Trust with Quick and Simple Snack Size Videos.

branding with archetypes 1:1

Get crystal clear on your unique brilliance – what you stand for, how to own your expertise with increased confidence and create a statement that propels you forward in business

packages that sell 1:1

Don’t continue to be frustrated about what to offer in your coaching. Learn how to create brilliant client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and practically sell themselves.

About My Coaching Style

Systems Thinking

I’m a huge fan of organized, practical systems and I’ll admit – a bit of a geek. Your coaching programs with me begin with us mapping out your ‘well-formed outcome’ so that you are practically guaranteed to get the end results you are after.

Business Acumen

With a clear and continuous eye on current trends, I can help steer you in the right direction for your business when it comes to online marketing. Don’t be tricked by the bling or distractions of online ‘gurus’. Find out what techniques will work for YOU and your business.


We won’t use some cookie cutter formula with coaching. This program is personalized with your success in mind. I’ll hold you accountable each call to the commitments you will make for your business at the end of every session.


Read what my past clients think it's like to work with me

Love the way you simplify complex topics.

Tanya has a unique way of teaching her content. It's easy to digest in bit-size segments yet paced with valuable information that's impossible to find on the web or other experts. Her programs over deliver on the promise! Thank you Tanya for sharing your trade secrets!

Lucy Hoger

Best-Selling Author, Coach and Speaker,

I am always looking for ways to grow my business.

Tanya has been a great resource in helping me to design and execute a plan where I to help me focus on social marketing. The information I have gained has helped me to see growth in my customer contact/interaction I would recommend Tanya Smith Online to others as she is a wealth of knowledge.

Valerie Hatcher

Image Consultant, Hart & Hatch

I love everything you do!

I know you figure things out like we do, but you always seem to get it right. I liked the content and the pace most about this webinar. You took an overwhelming topic and you delivered content with bite sized tips along with great examples coupled with a calm and soothing tone. You nailed it!! The deck was also very attractive.

Suzzette Turnbull

Marketing Coach, Uncommon Marketing

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