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When your business is not getting noticed, nothing will launch you to the next level until you get clear on your brand. Understanding the latest brand trends will help you confidently communicate who you are, who you serve & what you do.

Video Transcript

[00:00:59] All right guys I’m running a little bit behind because I was watching the folks over at 22 social. My buddies Andrew and Renee and they were showcasing my latest and greatest tip but also sharing some really …

[00:01:13] Cool stuff that they’re getting ready to do with 22 social and Facebook live. But anyhoo, we need to get to the intro and talk about mindfully marketing live. So this show is for health and wellness and mindfulness coaches. But other service providers also get a lot out of the tips and the resources that we share. So if you are a health and wellness coach or someone who’s focused on serving others through your business but you often struggle with keeping up with the changes and trends in branding and making sure that you get noticed online, then that’s exactly where we’re going to talk about in tonight’s Mindfully Marketing Live.

So let’s get started. I am Tanya Smith and this is Mindfully Marketing Live — a show that we do every Tuesday. If you want, get notifications and make sure that you never miss a live show. And yes this is live. I’ve been asked before. Someone said to me last week. Well it’s so polished it looks like it’s prerecorded but I’m actually right here. So if you have questions and there’s something you want me to answer or speak to them please be sure to leave your comment so that I can see it and respond to you. Also let me know that you’re here by simply putting your name or saying hi or giving me an emoji or something in the comments section just so that I know you’re here and where you’re from.

[00:02:56] So what we want to talk about tonight is we’re going to talk about trends that are happening in the world of branding and there’s one in particular that I think is really really going to be fantastic for those of you who are in health and wellness industries. If you’re doing anything where you’re talking to people about aging and anti aging or living well and you know just doing things for yourself to help you to maintain your young appearance or your wellness then I think you’re going to really enjoy one of these branding trends that I’m seeing. So I went out and I actually did a little research because I’m kind of a geek like that and that’s what I do. And as a result of some of the research I did I was focused on the idea of what are we starting to see when it comes to websites and landing pages and people putting themselves out there from a brand new perspective. What are the trends that we’re seeing. And I actually shared a little mini poster on my page right here that will share seven different trends that we came up with but I’m going to talk about probably the first three or four since we like to keep these at about 20 minutes to 30 minutes max. I’m going to share the first three or four but I can definitely write more about the others that you’ll see in the little mini poster and we’ll put those into the full blog. So one of the things that I do when I get done with my Facebook videos is ResCare it for you.

[00:04:21] Within the week with a full blog post so if you’re missing any type of resources or links and I always have an incredible gift or opt in a free gift for you that you’ll be able to opt in for and just trade out your e-mail in exchange for it. I’ll share that with you this coming month. We have a brand new freebie that we’re going to be giving away. So look for that right now if you look on my page at Facebook dot com forward slash Tanya Smith online. You’ll see that you can get the free Facebook Live video guide. You can also find that on my Web site at my Valais marketing dot com. But let’s get into these trends. So a couple of the trends the first one is say goodbye to home pages and hello to user specific landing pages. I really hate that word user but apparently that tends to be something that is kind of common in the industry.

[00:05:12] So I will say viewer specific pages we’ll call it that. What we’re seeing is that there are there’s a migration away from the traditional home page. And to give you kind of an understanding of what I mean by that is there are differences in the focus of a home page versus a landing page. So your home page is typically going to be kind of a way to create awareness. So as people are seeing you on social media profiles and they’re seeing you out in space you know in the Internet space or they’re meeting you at a networking event or wherever they might meet you the home page typically is a way for them to get to know more about you know more about who you serve and what you do. And it’ll also typically have navigation to lead them to other things. You can kind of see an example of this if you’re on my page and if you don’t have a website yet go to look at mindfully marketing dot com you’ll Caddick get an idea of what I’m talking about. But the difference between that and a landing page landing page is more specific and more focused on a call to action. So there’s a specific thing that you want people to do on a landing page. And typically it’s to build your leads is to grow your e-mail list or your chat list if you’re starting to get into using chat bots and messenger and all those different things. So it is a way for you to really grow your list.

[00:06:39] It is the ideal goal or purpose of a landing page is that it’s collecting people’s e-mail where it’s collecting their contact information in exchange for something else. So you can see there’s a difference. Now you can have a hybrid and a lot of people have done the hybrid meaning that you have your main website page that has you know more information about you and what you do and all those other things in it directs people in a lot of different directions depending on what they want. And then you have what is it called goodness I just lost it but a lead magnet cover. So you have like this pop up that pops up on top of your main Web page. Right. So if you want to get some ideas of what some really nice ones look like go over to opt in Monster dot com. It is a tool that you can get. You can purchase but they have a lot of really good examples of what that might look like. There are lots of different services that create those. But ultimately my point is you can have a hybrid so you can have the main Web page but then you have this pop up that collects the e-mail and it’s covering your entire web page. So the trend though that we’re starting to see is that more and more people are moving away from directing people to their home page on their website and instead you’re directing people straight to the landing page. And the reason why is because you know people are becoming a lot more. They’re starting to ignore. If they if they’re not going to get anything out of it that they can use immediately they’re starting to ignore content.

[00:08:19] So what you want and when we talk about viewer specific what you want is to be able to engage and connect with a person directly based on what they need at the time. So if your opt in like I mentioned my Facebook Live video guide if that’s something that people are specifically looking for they’re more likely to click on it and to give their email address than if they were looking for a guide to mindfulness which is one of the other guys that I had previously. So being viewer specific and where you’re directing people is absolutely going to give you more qualified leads meaning people who are more interested and engaged in consuming the information that you’re sharing with them and then continuing on to invest with you if you continue to have you know something in your funnel that builds up to a paid product or a paid service along the same lines because when they want a solution they want a solution. And if somebody really wants more of a solution than just the freebee if they taste tested and got the freebie and they know that you can deliver more than they’re going to be more willing to buy than someone who just casually was walking by. OK. So user specific or viewer specific land landing pages are definitely a lot more of a trend than people sending others to their Web site. In fact what I’m noticing is that a lot of people are no longer even creating Web sites in general. Part of the reason is because they’re getting to be super expensive.

[00:09:49] That’s number one but number two for a lot of people they feel that is too complex to create and all they need to do or want to do especially if you’re in the coaching industry is to sell or promote a specific program at the time or a specific package at the time and you can certainly do that with landing pages so a couple of examples of tools that you can use for landing pages 22 social one of my favorites. You can also create landing pages using goodness.

[00:10:20] Why did I just lose again lead pages lead pages is a very common when. So 22 Social Lead pages insta page dot com is another one also. So those are three that you can look into if you’re really just looking to create a landing page for a specific program or a coaching package of some kind. Let’s get to number two. So real time videos replacing animated videos.

[00:10:47] If you’ve been around for a little while online and I’m going to be checking for some questions and comments in just a second but if you’ve been around for a little bit of time you’d know that there are or there was a trend of people doing a lot of the animated explainer videos which I still love.

[00:11:05] I’m still a little partial to those because they’re really cool you can consume them really quickly and you can teach a lot in a short amount of time simply by demonstrating something demonstrating steps or a sequence of steps using caricature’s or drawings and that type of thing. Even white boards so animated videos were really popular at one time in the past couple of years. Pú Toon is one service that I used to use to do those. There’s a number of others as well. Paul Tuno probably give you a really good example because they have a lot of neat templates. You go to that website you’ll be able to see those. But meanwhile animated videos have kind of taken a downgrade because live is what people are really into like really seeing your face on camera. In fact we just did a course called on camera confidence that went really well and extremely proud of the people who participated in that because many of us come into the online marketing space fearful of putting our face on camera but it honestly is the best way to reach out and connect with your audience for them to get to know who you are who you really are and what you’re all about because they can see that you’re you know someone who cares in the way that you show emotions in the way that you express yourself. All of those things touching on every single auditory visual. All of those different things you can experience through video. So live video and live streaming is very much more popular than animated videos and that is one of the trends as trend number two that we’re seeing.

[00:12:49] If you’re not yet in that comfort zone of being able to put yourself on live video that I highly encourage you like I did with the class to practice first simply get your smartphone out and practice. Yes. It’s going to be painful first to see yourself on video. But the more you do it the more experience you have with it the easier it will get.

[00:13:12] So I’ve got lots of other tips for you on that but I can’t spend the time doing that today. When we opened up our on camera confidence course again make sure you check it out and go grab my free Facebook like guide right now on my Web site or here on my Facebook page. Meanwhile let’s talk about a tip or a trend. Number three and this is the one that I wanted to get to for those of you who are in the health and wellness industry because I have thought what. When I first heard this or saw that this was something that was that thing it actually was a little surprise. But then I thought well maybe I shouldn’t be so age response of age response of design. This goes for your landing pages as well as your Web site. So age responses responsive means that different age groups respond differently to design and layout. So I did find an article that I’ll be happy to share with you too just message me and I can share the link with you or I may include it right here in the comments. What it talks about when you’re looking at age responsive design is that you’re targeting you’re really getting clear and targeted on who your audience is and you know what each of us responds differently. Different ages don’t we. So someone who is age 14 is definitely going to respond differently to design and to lay out than someone who’s age 50 it’s just it is what it is.

[00:14:37] And so more and more designers and marketers are getting really super smart and targeting their audience to even age age groups.

[00:14:47] So to give you some examples of what might be different in age responsive design here’s a couple of things that could alter or change the way in which you’re creating your Web site or your branding in general when you’re putting yourself out online so larger versus smaller font.

[00:15:05] I know there are over 40. My eyes magically started losing their strength and it was much harder for me to read the back of a tylenol bottle than it used to be. So larger there’s a smaller font and spacing as well comes into play when it comes to your older generation versus your younger generation.

[00:15:27] So if you’re targeting people and I had a client once that was working with men and women who were over 60 on reverse mortgages will his website will probably have larger font and be a lot more white space so that they can easily and quickly find exactly what they need.

[00:15:45] Scuse me dull dull LERKE colors versus more vibrant color schemes. So that’s another tip that’s in the article I’m going to share with you it says younger visitors respond better to websites with brighter saturated hues while older visitors prefer more muted palettes like soft pastels. I don’t know I never really thought about that but that’s if that’s a thing. It might be worth a try to change up your color scheme depending on the generation that you’re going after and you can certainly do some testing to see which ones are more appealing and ask your audience what do they think video content versus text content. So I know we’ve been talking about video video video.

[00:16:26] I remember at one point though when I first started doing more video and I got kind of like a backlash from a few people and when I think about it it probably was some of the older crowd that’s in my group and my following and they were saying oh my god I hate that everybody is doing video video video. I’d prefer to read. And so what this article also talks about is that the ability to fine tune your audience and subject them to the information that will best suit them is really key. So for younger generations an educational informative video clip may have more appeal than a large chunk of text.

[00:17:04] However for an older person the appeal of reading the content may provide a more conclusive view of the information. So think about as you’re selling and promoting your different health and wellness coaching packages who is your target audience. Do you have a specific age group that you have in mind. And have you really created your brand to target and focus on them. So these are Tibs This is why you really want to pay attention to these things. So that was trend number three.

[00:17:33] And we have a couple of other trends that like I said I’ll share inside the blog post but the ones we talked about tonight were more landing pages fewer home page so fewer times that you’re directing people to your home page and more opportunities for you to direct people to a call to action style page number two. We talked about real time videos or livestream versus animated videos being a trend and then number three we talked about age responsive layouts and design. So I hope that you will find these tips useful as you are preparing to get yourself noticed online for what you do. Because I mean think about it. You’re serving other people in your business. And if your goal is to connect with them then absolutely you want your brand to stand out. In fact in the month of February which is coming up real soon on February 19th we’re going to be promoting our brand new challenge. I haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be a 7 day or a 10 day. Currently it is a 10 day challenge but it will help you to come up with your specific design colors your fonts and a lot of other things that you really want to have down pat so that you can focus on serving your customers and your clients. So if you spend that seven to 10 days with me and get that stuff out of the way you can focus on everything else that you need for the week or a week. But for the year 2018 in terms of serving your clients and get your packages and programs out into the world.

[00:19:04] So next week I will be on a live here again at Facebook dot com forward slash Daniel Smith online. I hope to see you here. Remember to try to practice or take some of the things the trends that we talked about and use those in your business and write me and tell me how it’s working for you.

[00:19:22] I love to hear from you and I’m always responsive. I’m going to double check. Real quick and make sure I’m not missing any comments or questions. Let’s just double check really fast here.

[00:19:34] Sometimes I have to reload and it’s hard for me to see the comments. I see that there are some so high. Good to see you too. Welcome welcome welcome. It’s moving really slow. So here’s what I’ll tell you if I can’t see the questions and comments immediately. I will you go. Roz has a home health care agency. Yes. So that is exactly what I’m talking about when you start thinking about how to promote other people who are in the age group of the audience that you’re trying to serve has definitely keep that in mind. And Kimberly and thanks for stopping by and for your like. I appreciate it. If any of you are watching right now with a replay and you are interested in following and making sure that you don’t miss a thing make sure you subscribe right here on the page. You can also go to my Facebook page and do a click on the link that says get started here. If you’re on a desktop click get started here. If you’re on your mobile click learn more and it’s going to take you to a resource page where you can get started. You’ll be able to pick up that free guide that we have in February. We’re going to be opening up a new free guide that’s going to be related to branding as we prepare for our branding course and challenge this starts on February 19. So I hope to see you next week. We’re here every Tuesday. Like clockwork.

[00:20:55] Maybe with a few hours give or take like we did tonight but I’m always excited to help you by sharing tips and shortcuts that will promote you as a brand online.

[00:21:06] This is Tanya Smith. You’ve been watching mindfully marketing live and I hope you have an amazing rest of the week.

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