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Before I get into why I want to take back control from Facebook, please know these are probably things I should’ve been doing anyway. Some of you may already have figured this out but I’ve been in the remedial class for a bit.

I mean, shouldn’t every entrepreneur be in their own driver’s seat? I say yes, but it was easy to turn over the keys when things were working. I know better.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the changes that Facebook announced. I think we’ll see more of the good guys getting thrown in with the bad (read more here).

Facebook removed my video resources list from one of my group files because to them ‘it looked like spam’.  To my amazing community, though, it was a treasure chest of tools and info on how to navigate creating their own videos. The list had links to what tools to buy, how to get each video lesson, support information — you get the idea.

I think Jon Loomer’s advice from this article really hit home for me this morning: “Facebook just wants to force brands to pay.”  Now, he says a lot more than that…so definitely read the entire article.

And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’d heard the same message from Michael Stelzner at Social Media Marketing Society and Mari Smith has shared advice too.  When I had my Resource Library document removed from my awesome Facebook group for reasons I can’t figure out it resounded loud and clear that the way businesses use Facebook today will not be how we use it tomorrow.


I’d seen my groups as a sacred place for my course communities to have interaction, share tools, and get advice. They were open to my members and great for discussion, especially when the course honed in on a challenge! How cool is it to see the light bulbs go off? As a coach, that is my dream for every client!

Look, I won’t complain and whine about Facebook and their changes. It’s their house; I just ‘play’ here.

[bctt tweet=”It’s #Facebook’s house. I just play here. But I do have choices too.” username=”TweetTanyaSmith”]

Having to fight or debate with someone else to serve my clients and give away knowledge is making me cringe a bit now. So being the big girl that I am I will decide for myself what I’m going to do about it.

6 ways I’ll take back control from Facebook:

  1. I will make sure all my files and favorite post content in Facebook are backed up elsewhere – i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3
  2. I am rethinking the use of Groups and how they relate to other complementary programs & courses (hey, LinkedIn is expanding their group features <hmmm>)
  3. Learn — I mean really learn — how to use Facebook Ads and invest more time there than actually creating free content for FB
  4. I will update my website and reopen my own LMS, or “learning management system” tools to host courses (I use Learndash in WordPress and love it)
  5. I’ll use only long, transparent links and not shorteners. Honestly, that’s what I suspect may have gotten my document removed although I may or may not get an answer —“bye, Bitly”
  6. Oh one more thing – I plan to steer away from 3rd party scheduling/repost tools. I am hearing more people say these are causing problems and getting their profiles shut down (example: tools that reshare your video to multiple FB groups, pages, etc)

I highly recommend you read the article from Jon and especially the part about using Facebook profiles for business/selling: DON’T DO IT

What other things would you add to this list to take back control from Facebook? What’s on your mind now that we’re seeing the beginning effects of the change?