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What are social media stories for business?

A social media story is a feature on sites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat where you can combines photos, videos, text, or stickers. You can get pretty creative and really make a connection with your brand in just a few short minutes.

Once your social media stories are posted, they automatically disappear in about 24 hours, unless you use another feature, like highlights in Instagram, to extend the life

A little history behind stories

Snapchat started using stories in 2013 and this began a modern revolution for how more people are preferring to share content online – in small, short bites. I started talking about a concept called snack size marketing 2 years ago.  Well stories are a perfect example of snack size content and allow for readers and followers to view quick, relevant information that captures their attention.

Now, instead of sharing links or articles on News Feeds, many people are opting to use the benefit of constantly improving smartphone technology to capture photos and videos on a daily disappearing storyline.

The stats show that social media stories are definitely the fastest growing format on Instagram, with more than 400 million accounts who use stories every day, as of June 2018.

Facebook Stories reached 150 million daily active users in just 14 months although so far, I would say that stories adoption by marketers on Facebook has been slow especially when compared with stories adoption on Instagram. 

Even Youtube has gotten into the game although their social media stories are not yet available to anyone but influencers with a large following.

Stories are growing fifteen times faster than the newsfeed from what I’ve read.  At Facebook’s 2018 F8 conference, chief product officer Chris Cox revealed how stories content will surpass the Facebook newsfeeed sharing in 2019.

Stories are growing fifteen times faster than the newsfeed. Click to Tweet

This kind of momentum is a big sign that stories are here to stay! And for marketers it’s a great opportunity to get your brand seen in a creative way. 

Top 3 business benefits

Stories have certainly become one of the major features driving users to search for and consume new content from their favorite creators and influencers.

3 benefits?  Social media stories are:

  • Easy to create
  • There’s a variety of ways to design them (e.g. text, images, video and more)
  • And they’re quick to pull together

If I had to think of one disadvantage, it would be that the disappearing quality of social media stories means you have to create daily content.

How do you get started with social media stories?

The easiest way to get started with stories is to simply experiment!  Try sharing stories based on

  • what’s behind the scenes in your business
  • share quick tips and tricks
  • give advice
  • ask questions

…and most of all, have fun! Social media stories really give you free rein to use your creative expression.

Social media stories really give you free rein to use your creative expression Click to Tweet

Much like other content marketing I talk about, it’s important to make your social media stories intentional and purposeful.  One way to do this? Follow my E-formula and make your stories do one of the following:

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Evoke Emotion
  • Elevate Your Brand
  • Encourage Others

You can learn about social media stories on your own, or you’re invited to come learn more about Social Media Stories for Business with me in our Facebook Group at Also follow our Facebook Page to receive notifications when we deliver a new video every week.

Thanks for watching!