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Slack channels offered a totally new alternative to the typical group platforms being used by a lot of people today.  On this episode of Clicks + Coffee we’re going to talk about community building with Slack as part of the monthly theme in July.

Slack is an app for essentially creating a chat room for your business. Its workspaces allow you to organize communications by channels for group discussions and allows for private messages to share information, files, and more all in one place.

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What I wanted to do

I was looking for a way to create a group that would allow me the ability to offer another layer of support for my programs.  I wanted to foster a sense of community among people that have similar interests in learning but without  spending 24/7 monitoring it or hiring a person to run the group.

I’d seen that one of my own mentors had used it in Zen Habits and a few other groups I knew of were using it to share content amongst their groups, related to online programs.  My first thought was anti-Slack because frankly, I’m not a huge fan of forums that require you to be super active and constantly reading through comments to respond, but then I tested it out and realized that was not as much of a ‘thing’ as it even is with Facebook groups!

You can use the platform in a lot of creative ways because of the integrations and the way in which you set up channels based on just the theme or topic that your audience wants to engage with.

Features demo

In the video, I’ll walk you through the Slack App Directory, Profile, Workspaces, Channel and Sidebar customization – basically giving you a high level overview of the features for the Slack app.

6 reasons I decided to try Slack Channels

In the video I’ll be covering the following 6 reasons you should try Slack channels to organize your next group if you’re looking for platforms to complement your online courses and programs:

  1. Slack channels allow people from various social media networks to join
  2. There is low pressure to participate, as daily interaction isn’t emphasized as much
  3. Slack channels can integrate many of outside apps we already use i.e. Zoom, Google Drive
  4. It’s not as distracting to use as platforms like Facebook (e.g. no baby announcements or funny cat video distractions…unless you want to add them)
  5. Slack channels make file sharing and messaging easy since it’s all in one app versus you having to log into another separate app
  6. I knew if I was spending hours every day on Facebook groups talking to people and trying to keep up the content flow, it would NOT be enjoyable and I would eventually stop

I encourage you to check out Slack channels and see if this might be a good alternative for some of the courses and programs you currently host, or for your next online venture. Let me know what you think – it’s free and easy to set up!