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Today we’re going to do part 3 of a series of 4 lessons I’ve been sharing on how to do live video. We’ll talk about 3 ways to successfully (and easily) repurpose your video and of course, I have to tackle the mindset of fear.

You might be wondering how video fits into the whole mindfulness thing? Easy…your F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) is all in your mind. Let’s go…

Have you been ignoring video, hoping it will just go away? Or thinking you can accomplish your marketing goals without it? Maybe…

I’m here to tell you, video is going nowhere. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and thousands of hours of video are uploaded each and every day. Video clips on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter enjoy far more engagement than do plain text or even image-based updates. And when it comes to training programs, most people prefer video to text—or at least a combination of the two.

And now with live video, this new marketing channel of video has become even more important. So you have to find ways to step out and explore the benefits, one of which is the ability to repurpose. Let’s talk about a few ways to repurpose your videos once they’re done.

The last thing you want to do is work yourself up to create a piece of content that has a limited lifespan. After all, once that 10- 15- or 30-minute event is over, it’s gone, right?


Depending on the platform you’re using, there are plenty of ways you can leverage that live video to continue to attract an audience for months or even years to come.

There are plenty of ways you can leverage that live video to continue to attract an audience for months or even years to come Click To Tweet

Upload to YouTube – The “big daddy” of video marketing, YouTube enjoys its status as the 2nd most searched website only—behind by only a slim margin.

Well-optimized videos can attract thousands or even millions of views, and help drive traffic to your website, your blog, your product pages, or even the landing page of your choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to profit again and again from the effort you put into creating video. Be sure to upload it to YouTube and:

  • Create a keyword-rich title
  • Craft a compelling description
  • Add a call to action

That’s it! Add this to your workflow for each of your live videos, and you’ll quickly build up a library of YouTube videos that drive traffic to your offers every day.

Post to Your Blog – Sometimes you want to take the conversation out of Facebook or Google and interact on your website. Adding recordings of your live videos allows you to:

  • Carry on a conversation with your audience through the comments section
  • Add more commentary and updated information
  • Attract Google with pertinent keywords and backlinks
  • Encourage opt-ins by offering viewers downloadable checklists, worksheets, or even transcripts that go with the video

Share With Your Partners & Colleagues – Just as video works well for your sales efforts, so too does it work for your affiliates and JV partners.

Consider offering replays of your better videos for affiliates to use in their own blog posts, on social media, and anywhere else they’re promoting your offers. It will help their audience get to know you better, and give them a sense of your personality and style before they invest in your products or services.

No piece of content—whether written, pre-recorded, or live—should ever suffer the fate of being used only one time. Put all your content to work in multiple locations, and watch your influence—and your profits—soar.

Try to practice this technique next time you find yourself needing to get past the fear: ask yourself – how many ways can I benefit from doing this 5 minute video?

Next week we’re going to wrap up the series on live video and get ready to open the On-Camera Confidence registration for the class that begins in January. I’m excited about developing my roadmap for 2018 so I can make a huge impact on new women entrepreneurs wanting to get their message out in the world. It’s going to be fantastic.

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