My girlfriend Olivia is a solopreneur and wellness coach. She helps her clients embrace healthier lifestyles and she loves what she does. She works a full day then spends 2-3 hours in the evenings with her kids. She cooks supper, supervises homework assignments, and tucks her children into bed.

After her kids are asleep, Olivia starts up her laptop and starts working again until the wee hours of the morning.  Because she’s the only employee, she struggles to take any downtime. She wants to be there for her clients 24/7. She’s overwhelmed but she feels guilty when she isn’t working.

Disconnecting Is Essential

Olivia described her nighttime routine to me as her Balanced Business Coach. I asked a question that rattled her a little bit, “What if every evening you created a sweet and sacred space where you slow down, shut the loudness of the world out for a while, and focused on creating more of what you want in your life?”

Like Olivia, you may think that sounds like great advice for someone’s personal life. But actually shutting down and relaxing at night can be a powerful way for entrepreneurs to bring their focus back to the core. This will give you fresh energy and enthusiasm so you can rock it again in a new day.

But how do you give your mind and body space to rest? Try a few of these ideas…

Consider a Technology Curfew

Choose a time in the evenings when you’ll shut down your technology. Tablets and smartphones generate a lot of light and this light often makes it difficult for you to relax when it’s time to sleep.

But what if you’re one of those people that has to play a game on your iPad right before bed or what if you like to binge-watch Netflix until you’re sleepy? Look in your device settings and see if your tablet or smartphone has “night shift” or “night mode”.

Switching your device to night mode means the lighting is subtly shifted to reflect reds and oranges. These colors cause your brain to produce melatonin, the hormone that allows you to get a good night’s sleep.

Silence Your Notifications

If you get notifications from your email or news sites, turn these off every night. The content on the news is often depressing and many of the images are disturbing. This can make it hard for you to sleep at night or even cause you to have nightmares.

Similar to mornings, I now recommend to all my clients not to start or end the day with the news!

As for email notifications, they’ll only add more chaotic, harried thoughts to your mind. That same urgent email will still be in your inbox waiting for you tomorrow. So, why not tackle it when you’re at your best and most attentive?

Lock Yourself Out

If you’re seriously addicted to your devices, you can use an app like Freedom (for iOS) or GoodTime Productivity Tracker to manage your time on certain apps or sites. Set your schedule in advance and the app will prevent you from doing tasks like browsing the internet or playing with apps during your chosen time.

You could use this to set an 8-hour block, ensuring you get plenty of time to relax and rest each night. You can also block social media sites, which is perfect if you spend hours every night scrolling through your Instagram feed while you’re in bed.

The first step to making over your night-time routines is to disconnect from technology so you can slow down and relax. Doing this lets you greet each new morning with an abundance of energy and joy.

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