It’s easy to forget to nurture your mind and body in the morning.  It’s easy to put your self-care last on the list of things you do.  Then you reach the end of the day and you don’t have enough energy to do anything else. So, you skip that awesome kickboxing class you were really looking forward to, or fall asleep before you can finish writing your blog post.

Well, it’s time to take your day back!

Nurture Your Mind and Body

As an entrepreneur, you must start your day with self-care.  When you put yourself at the top of the list, you’ll feel better physically and mentally. You’ll have more energy. You’ll find it easier to focus and enjoy your day so much more.

As a social media marketer and strategist over the last several years, I found that I’d fallen into a horrible daily routine.  I would get up around 5am, make coffee, then head straight to my laptop to check my social media posts and those of my clients.

I’d do this while simultaneously watching the morning news, reading Facebook and trying to juggle last minute homework help for the kids.

Over time, I realized my body and brain was taking a beating. I was exhausted by 2pm. I found it hard to be my usual happy self, constantly feeling the weight of all the bad stories I’d downloaded from TV and online.

That’s no way to live.  I knew I had to change…

So I decided to look for ways to change my routine – both morning and evening (I’ll share my night-time routine in another blog post).

Here are some simple ways I tried out that worked. It may give you ideas to nurture yourself each morning:


Start your day with a glass of water. It boosts your metabolism and flushes toxins that have built up over night out of your body. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try adding lemon or cucumber slices into your glass. The taste will be refreshing and wake up your taste buds.

I also studied the benefits of apple cider vinegar and started adding a capful each day to my water to lower blood sugar levels, as well as cholesterol.  It took a little time to get used to the taste, but with a little honey and lemon it goes down pretty easily.


You don’t have to jog twenty miles before breakfast to get the benefits of exercise. Even low key workouts like yoga or stretching can energize you for the day. If you’re not used to exercising in the morning, try it for just ten minutes each day. As you adjust to your new exercise routine, you’ll be able to exercise for longer periods of time.

My exercise of choice is walking the treadmill. I walk using the BitGym app on iPad, which displays video of virtual walking trails. That way, weather is never an excuse and it’s a little less hard on my knees.

Eat Well

Like exercise, breakfast boosts your metabolism. This means your body burns the calories you eat more effectively. It also gives you energy to face the rest of the day. Keep in mind breakfast can be as simple as jam on two mini bagels or banana bread with cream cheese.

While I still do not forego my coffee with sweetener, I do try to make sure I eat or drink something with protein in the morning to give me that boost I need to get past the 2pm slump. And I pack my lunch bag with nuts or seeds to snack on through the day.


When you can, try to cuddle with a partner, with your kids, or even with your pets. This will give you a boost of endorphins which are the feel-good chemicals your brain produces when you’re happy. If you can’t cuddle, reach out. Connect with a loved one or friend. Send a text message, call, or Skype.

I like sharing a positive affirmation with my sister over text or with my friends on Facebook. It’s a “note to self” but also inspires others in a positive way….and it only takes 3 minutes, while refocusing my brain on something good.

Watch Something Funny

If you have to turn on the TV, try a comedy or cartoons.   You won’t miss out, I promise. The news will be there all day, and if there is anything important you will see it when you need to.  You might even hear about it at the office.

The goal here is to avoid the negative influence first thing in the morning.  How you start your day makes the difference in how your entire day goes.


Certain smells can energize you for the day ahead. Try using a diffuser designed for essential oils. Some good morning choices are lemon and orange since their citrus smell will wake up your mind and body. You can also try peppermint or spearmint, both of which improve concentration and focus.

I’m a huge fan of Rocky Mountain Oils because of their variety and ease in ordering. One of my favorite scents is Balance (nope, this is not an affiliate link).

Reward Yourself

Plan to reward yourself at the end of your day. This reward might be something simple like watching an episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix or saving a special dessert for later. When you know you have a treat waiting for you, the anticipation builds boosting your happiness level all day.

Be patient. At first, taking time for yourself every morning may feel weird or uncomfortable. That’s because you’re not use to self-care. But the more you care for yourself, the more you’ll grow to enjoy mornings.

Be sure to check out my Good Morning Sunshine workbook and get more tips on how to make your mornings better.



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