A mindful brand can help a business boost its sales, expand its audience, and achieve whatever business goals it wants to achieve. Becoming more mindful about your brand means that you are focused and intentional, allowing yourself the time to grow and mature, to make mistakes, and to course correct while you do.

A more mindful brand keeps you honest and true to yourself and your audience. If you’re not quite sure that you’re there yet, it may be time to consciously examine where your brand is. We call this a “rebrand”.

A Few Tweaks

Some companies choose to make some basic tweaks and call it a rebrand. You might touch up your logo and other design features that you use. You might make a minor change to your UVP to reflect a new product line or other change.

The problem with minor changes is that, if not done right, they can create brand disconnect. A brand needs to be seamless and it should be mindful. Every part of it needs to be intentionally designed to “fit” the brand image. A small tweak can look jarring and off-brand, or it can seem meaningless to your customers, like you started but didn’t follow through.

The Wrong Rebranding Overhaul

On the other hand, you might decide on a systemic brand overhaul that offers a completely new image for your market. The advantage of this is that it’s seamless and integrated. All of the parts fit together. Of course, it also means a great deal more work.

The pitfall of a big brand overhaul is that, if not done well, it can be a costly disaster. If your marketing is not spot-on and your rebrand doesn’t truly reflect your business and its vision, you may have to return to the old brand and start over.

Why Rebranding Succeeds

Whether it’s a simple or supersize rebranding, this kind of focus succeeds for a number of reasons.  Many of which will result in you truly embracing a more mindful brand.

Here’s what a mindful brand looks like:

  • You have a clear goal
  • You know your audience, market, and industry
  • Your decisions are based on objective data and feedback from your market
  • You’ve clarified your company’s vision, position in the market, and strengths
  • You go about your branding yourself in a systematic way without a lot of overwhelm and chaos

If all of the above are in place, that means you have a mindful brand. These are signs as well that  your rebrand project is successful.

How Much of a Rebranding Do You Need?

If you’re thinking about rebranding and wondering how big of a rebrand to do, start by clarifying the goal for you to have a more mindful brand. Goals include:

  • Regain lost customers
  • Gain a better position related to your competitors
  • Stay current in your market
  • Gain a new demographic
  • Introduce new products or services your market may not know about
  • Brush up your old image
  • Get rid of negative associations with your brand

Once you know why you want to rebrand, ask yourself: What do I need to do in order to achieve this?

For example, if you want to reach a new demographic, simply tweaking your logo isn’t going to do it. If you want to reach a new demographic, you’ll need a larger overhaul. If you just want to brush up your image and add some new spice to it, a design shift might be enough.

Rebranding is a large process that takes a great deal of time and resources. Assess your goals and the situation of your market before you decide to start. The benefits of doing a rebrand result in you having a more mindful brand and being much more intentional about how you are seen.

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