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Video Transcript

[00:00:02] Hey everybody is Tanya Smith here of Mindfully Marketing and I’m starting about 30 minutes early because I really wanted to go ahead and share this evening in the spirit of making sure that there’s consistency and discipline.

[00:00:19] I am not feeling 100 percent tonight but I know a lot of my friends and colleagues are also in that same boat that many of us have gotten a little touch of something hopefully not the flu. But I wanted to go ahead and start a little early for that reason as well as the fact that we’re experiencing a bit of a storm. There’s something happening. Out in the wild here in Dallas. So I want to try to catch this before we end up getting cut off. So I’m not going to do a lot of the bells and whistles that I normally do to start off my Mindfully Marketing Live show. In fact I’m not even going to be really super formal tonight because what I wanted to do is to touch on something that really has been kind of.

[00:01:04] A theme for me in the past week or so in regards to the business. And I know each and every one of you if you’re doing anything in the world of coaching or any any type of service center business are heart centered business. I know that you are probably face some of the same. Up and down. Feelings that I have in my own business. So I’m going to share with you some ways to stay passionate and to make sure that you fall completely in love with your branding completely in love with your business and what you do and really how to know when it’s time to make that separation to disconnect. So let’s go ahead and get started and again I’m not going to do a lot of the bells and whistles but I will watch if you do have questions or comments. I’m going to go ahead and try to make sure that I can view those so let me get on over here to my Facebook page and let me just say good evening to you. For those of you who have never watched before because I know I’ve had quite a few new followers here recently let me just let you know who I am and what I do. So my name is Tanya Smith and I am an online branding and marketing strategist and coach and I have been really in the world of online marketing since 2010.

[00:02:16] So for a long time now made a lot of mistakes had a lot of hard knocks but I also had a lot of wins and successes and met some very amazing people in the process and I continue to meet amazing people whether they’re my clients or they are people who I run into as business colleagues or people who I learn from as mentors. So I’ve had a really interesting life and I am just so thankful and so grateful for my circle of influence. But one of the things that I’ll share with you that I most enjoy right now is working with people who are in the health and wellness and mindfulness industry. So people who are working with others to support them and in their well-being whether it be from an emotional level or a physical level it doesn’t matter because both of those all of those things and spiritual level all of those things work together. Right. So I love working with people that are in those fields because they are heart centered and they are super focused on service just like I am. I’ll share with you as I mentioned that tonight we’re going to talk a little bit about branding and the passion for your brand. So I have as I mentioned been doing business for a long time and I’ve done it in a lot of different iterations so I’ve had. I started out as a career coach and I did other forms of coaching over the years. Even so make sold a lot of different things. When I thought I’m not a salesperson and part of the reason why it has worked is because I stayed disciplined so whatever it is I commit to keep my commitments. And so for instance tonight I could have easily and I actually did.

[00:04:07] You may have seen the post say you know what I’m not feeling well I’m going to go ahead and bow out but instead I decided no I committed committed to myself that I would do this every week and I committed to you. If you are a faithful follower and watcher that I would be on talking about something that would promote and help you to support yourself in terms of your branding and marketing so I made a commitment and I decided to keep that because the discipline is always key for you to be successful. Nothing is overnight. So please don’t ever let anyone fool you into thinking that all you have to do is do X Y and Z and then magically things are going to work out and you’re going to be a success. Doesn’t work that way is all about your discipline and your commitment to yourself above and beyond everything. Are you committed to really doing the things you say you’re going to do. Are you disciplined enough that even when you feel like you’ve got the throat stuff going on and you feel like you just want to lay down on a pillow and fall out and live.

[00:05:12] I mean literally about an hour ago I couldn’t get my nose to stop bleeding so I really thought I would not be on this broadcast tonight.

[00:05:20] But you have to push through those things whether it’s your business or just in life in general. And those are the things that teach my kids is what I tell my friends to do. It’s where I live. So enough of that soap box the main reason why I wanted to talk tonight is to share just some information about being passionate about your business. So there’s four things for IMS that you really want to think about when it comes to branding for your business. And the reason why branding is our topic for the month of February is because we’re doing a 10 day love your brand challenge that’s going to start on February 19th. So ten days. Love your brand and you can find out more information because I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on that tonight. But find out more information by going to mindfully marketing dot com forward. Love your brand and you can get info about the 10 day challenge. We’re still in the process of building the page out. So there might be some things that are missing. But ultimately it is ready for registration and you’ll see some information as soon as you sign up you’ll get info. You can also sign up by being part of our mindful marketers club which will see information about on the page. But meanwhile. So the four M’s that you really want to focus on and kind of consider and think about as you’re building your brand and falling in love with your brand. You want to think about your market.

[00:06:46] So who is it that you want to serve and who do you enjoy most working with. And it’s not necessarily in that order that I’m sharing either. OK so let me make that clear. In fact if I had to give you an order start with something else and that’s your mastery. So the first is your mastery what is it that you enjoy doing. You could talk about it 24 hours a day seven days a week. You can do it even if you never got paid. You could talk about this topic. I mean even if you were talking to a tree it was still make you happy that you’re speaking on that subject. Does it make you smile when you talk about this topic. What is it that you’re a master at. So you really want to be thinking in terms of your mastery and what makes you happy what makes you excited. And hey Candace how are you. I see you there. The second thing is you want to think about your message so what about that specific topic so for me my mastery is and you know I’ve gone back and forth over time trying to do what other people thought I should do. I always landed back in the coaching arena. I always land back in branding because it’s my home it’s like where my heart is and what I love to do and would love to talk about most. But my mastery is that topic. What’s your message your message is focused on something specific that you want people to learn to become to do to take action on.

[00:08:16] But what is your message about the third thing is going to be your market. So who is it that you’re going to talk to who is the audience that you want to spend the most time with.

[00:08:28] You know I haven’t been in business for so long. I now know I’m pretty crystal clear when someone applies for the coaching program that I have whether or not we’re a good fit. Just by the first conversation and by the things that they share in the questionnaire I get a pretty good feel for whether or not we’re a good match. And the thing is you as a coach in particular are someone who’s in a service industry remember you always have a choice just because someone comes to you and says hey I want to work with you does not mean that you have to reciprocate the feeling because ultimately what makes for the best results will be when there’s a good match between you as the coach or mentor and the client.

[00:09:17] And if there is something in your gut in your soul and your spirit is telling you this is not the right client for me this is not the right person. I should not be working with this person. That’s the time for you to back out. I’ve been in that situation many times and even recently and you have to be crystal clear on who you want to work with. And so in order to get that type of clarity. One of the things that I highly suggest you do is to sit down and create your own customer Avatar. And Avatar I don’t spend a lot of time talking about that tonight. But an avatar is kind of like a representation of the person that you would most want to work with their gender their age their income their annual income for that household whether or not they have one point two kids are they married or single. With the demographics where do they live with their region. So you’re really sitting down and thinking about this is my ideal client this is the person you can even name that Avatar. And I have a workbook over on my Web site at Mount mindfully marketing dot com I think it’s there in the store. If you look under the course guides that will help you through that if you’re not really clear on how to create your own.

[00:10:34] And there’s lots and lots of free resources out there too to help you with that but get crystal clear on who you’re going to work with because that’s a huge part of being in love with your business is when you can work with someone that you really get excited about working with. And then finally what is your method. So number four is your method. So we have. Your mastery we have your message you have your market and your method is how you go about getting these things done. So how do you go about helping people to lose weight. How do you go about helping people to learn how to navigate social media. How do you go about what is your system what is your process what’s the formula. Some people call it a signature system. It’s one of the things that I work on with my clients and our private coaching package.

[00:11:26] What are the packages that you put together to sell and promote the services and the system that you share. So those are four things and if you get really crystal clear and I promise you it took me years to get to that point. But once you get there once you understand those four things about your business then you will fall in love with your brand you will be super excited about everything that has to do with your business. You’ll get excited when you see that new client and they’re ready to call and they’re getting on the first call with you and you know they have the lightbulb moments going off or that person who’s been working with you for six months and they had a major breakthrough that’s going to carry them for the rest of the next five years.

[00:12:14] I mean all of those things are exciting moments but in order for you to get to that place having those 4 building blocks is going to be really key. So I kind of just again wanted to talk off the top I made a couple of notes for myself but I didn’t want to make this too formal. How do you know you’re in love with your brand.

[00:12:33] There’s three things three ways that I know. One is that you see. You see okay so branding I’m going to talk about from a visual standpoint. So design wise when you are in love with Europe the look of your brand and the feel of your brand. Every time you see it you get excited. Right. Every time I see my own Web site and I usually create and design my own size when I see sites that I’ve created and I’m totally passionate about them. It just gives me a boost it gives me energy it gives me life. It makes me want to go out there and do more once. Me That makes me want to step it up and make sure that I’m putting out programs and getting other people to connect with that presence online whether it’s on social media whether it’s on my landing pages on Facebook whether it’s on my main web site having the same type of branded colors and themes and logos and making things look a certain way to where they’re really cohesive just support the message that I share.

[00:13:39] And it supports professionalism and it gives you credibility. So seeing it makes you happy.

[00:13:47] A second way that I know when I’m passionate about a brand is that I feel like I could do it for free like I can literally talk about branding and marketing all day long and be just super excited about this. So what is it you know going back to that mastery thing. What is it that you can talk about and do any time. If you could do it for free you would do that if you won the lottery today you would still do this thing. What is that.

[00:14:16] That’s how you know you’re in love as if it’s something that you feel that deeply about and then a third way is that you can do it 24/7 like if I never had a lick of sleep if I get over this cold this trying to come home even even though I had the cold even though I had the nosebleed before coming on here. I was excited to meet with my mindful marketers club right before this. I was excited and it pumped me up and gave me the enthusiasm to come on and do this Facebook Live. That’s how you want to feel about your business. And so I invite you to come and join me in the. Love your Branton day challenge. It’s all about you and it’s all about you being accountable to yourself for creating a space a work space for yourself that makes you feel passionate and enthusiastic and joyful and happy and excited to do the work. So come join me at Biophilia marketing dot com forward slash love your brand. We’re going to start on February 19th. Isn’t love an appropriate theme since it’s February. It’s also black history month by the way. So let me throw a pitch in there for those of you who have not yet Bottcher Black Panther tickets. I’m going to be buying actually I already bought mine. So we have Black Panther tickets reserved and we are super excited as a family to be able to go and support that movie because I’m in love already with just the previews and definitely don’t forget to rate it.

[00:15:54] So we’re going to if you’ve seen anything on my personal profile you know my thoughts about that. But anyway meanwhile I hope that you have an amazing rest of the evening.

[00:16:06] I’m going to be signing off. Let me double check and make sure I don’t have any questions or comments or there’s nothing there that I need to see and that I missed. I know I always have a family that comes on and support. So we’re giving you guys kisses and support back. And letting you know how much I love you. And I think about you also. I see Shabaka and you know what if I get your name wrong please just help me. Help me one of these days we’re going to talk in person and then nation as see my beautiful tiny son who is always on the go. I need another video from you girls so I can get myself out there and get back to exercise and I fell off the wagon and it’s only February what. Anyway it’s been great being here with you this evening. I hope that you have an amazing rest of the week and that you are constantly.

[00:17:02] And just totally 100 percent in love with your brand and if you’re not then let’s get you there. So come join me for the mindfully marketing dot com forward slash love your Branton day challenge February 19th. And if you want to get a discount and you want a really affordable way of getting access to my challenges each month join us at the mindful marketers club so that’s mindful marketers and dot club and you’ll find out information on how to become part of the club. What you can do on a subscription basis. I am excited again that the week is about to be. We’re at the middle of the week yeah we’re at the middle of the week and that there’s some exciting things that are coming. I hope that you are too and leave in the comments. Anything that you want to ask about or comment on. Be sure to share with a friend. I’ll be back next week in my regular mode and fully 100 percent. I’m just counting on that. So we’ll have all the bells and whistles for you and do the real show. The other thing I’m going to be doing is posting a calendar of events so we’ll have our calendar for each week. We’ll be posting on our Web site and on Facebook as well very soon. So I want to go ahead and try to preplan and share with you the topics that we’re going to be talking about to get you excited and pumped up and so that you can get your questions ready because I do love answering questions.

[00:18:31] We’re also going to create or make available a platform by which you can actually join in live and do kind of a conference so we can have some real chat like on Facebook live and we’ll be doing interviews as well. So all of those things are still coming up. We’re just putting the books together view of someone who would be a great interview partner or companion. Please feel free to shoot their information to me through private message or right here in the comments. All right y’all have a wonderful evening. I’m about to go take something and go take a little bit of a nap. Have a good one.

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