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Mark Zuckerberg announced a major overhaul of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm that would prioritize “meaningful social interactions” over “relevant content” on Thursday, one week after he pledged to spend 2018 “making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent”.

The social media platform will de-prioritize videos, photos, and posts shared by businesses and media outlets, which Zuckerberg dubbed “public content”, in favor of content produced by a user’s friends and family. (Source:

There’s been a lot of talk about what to do. So I want to break this down.

Transcript Overview

[00:00:00] As a health and wellness or mindfulness coach or a blogger who is constantly focused on serving other people with your business. Do you find yourself constantly struggling to keep up with the navigation of social media especially Facebook. Well recently there were some major changes that were introduced by Mark Zuckerberg.

Yes they’re going to impact each and every one of you who is trying to sell or market anything if you’re trying to promote something on Facebook. You need to know more about what this means for you. So we’re going to talk about that in just a few seconds. Let’s get started.

[00:02:17] So what I like to do on Tuesdays every Tuesday 8:00 p.m. Central time is to share with you what I call the mindfully marketing show and what we focus on is online branding and marketing tips for health and wellness professionals.

Tonight I wanted to do something a little special and this is actually broadcasting in multiple places including on my Facebook personal profile because I know that I have a lot of business colleagues who are also personal family and friends and I want you to make sure that you don’t miss out on the information I’m going to share with you.

So let me give you just a quick little blurb and this is actually from the Guardian dot com. I think they did a good job of breaking down the article.

[00:03:22] So the article says Mark Zuckerberg announced a major overhaul of Facebook’s news feed algorithm that would prioritize meaningful social interactions over. And let me back up meaningful social interactions over relevant content on Facebook.

[00:03:41] I believe it was last Thursday and this was one week after he had pledged to spend 2018 making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent the social media platform we’ll prioritize videos photos and post shared by businesses and media sites which Zuckerberg dubbed as public content in favor of content produced by a user’s friends and family. So you may have noticed a few of these shifts just even recently.

I think I noticed that I was seeing a lot of friends and family posts that I probably wasn’t used to seeing that they’re starting to pop up more in my news feed. Yeah, guess who gets to define what’s meaningful? Facebook.

[00:04:58] Right. Not you; not me. Now they do say that they are pulling this information from data that has been collected over time as a result of all of us and our practices and our habits. And what we say when we answer the various questions and things that they ask us on Facebook. But the interesting thing about that again is that you’re not specifically uniquely choosing to see what you want to see unless you intentionally go out there and say these are the posts that I want to see FIRST.

A few thoughts about this

[00:08:08] Now I’m going to share a few things that I think will be solutions that will help us all to be better at marketing our businesses using social platforms like Facebook. But there are a couple of different things I see that will be impactful.

Leave in the comments if you have some ideas about how you think this is going to impact you as well. But a couple of things I wrote down.

Now we all have been noticing this uptick in the use of advertising whether it be advertising on LinkedIn on Twitter on Facebook — doesn’t matter where you market advertising is the thing. We’re definitely seeing an increase in them pushing you to advertise which means you’re going to be spending money in order to have your visibility.

So that’s one thing that I see that’s definitely going to be even more prominent now than it was before. The second thing is that you definitely will notice that your page visibility will probably be reduced unless and I’ll give you those unless it is in the second. It will be reduced because their focus is as Mark Zuckerberg said in the article.

[00:09:27] Your visibility is going to be reduced because the point is what they would like to really have people engage and have more of a positive interaction when it comes to the social space. We all know that there’s been a lot of negative energy and a lot of negativity on social media.

[00:09:54] I’ve seen that personally and in my corporate space as well as in my private business. I’ve seen it in all areas because over the past year or so there have been just there’s been so much divisiveness.

We can argue and debate about where that’s coming from but ultimately we know that social media has become a space that is really challenging for some people to be able to navigate in a positive way in an unhealthy way. And so I think that it is really kind of a sign of social responsibility and I’m sure there’s some other things that go into this too as to the decision behind doing this for Facebook.

[00:10:38] But I believe that it is going to be all about really helping people to have real conversations and real engagement on Facebook. The other thing I see happening is that this is not only going to impact Facebook. I think that this is going to probably spill over into some other social networks too.

I mean if you think about it one of the things that we’ve seen is another uptick in video marketing. Why do you think that is? Because videos tend to help us to connect on a different level on a level. You’re really hearing the person you are seeing their interactions you’re seeing their facial expressions you’re really really connecting with them. You’re building deeper relationships and engagement through video.

So there is no accident when I see platforms like LinkedIn who never had native video that now have it.

As a matter of fact this week I don’t know if you saw it but I saw that there was an announcement from LinkedIn that they’re now going to be enhancing doing some enhancements to LinkedIn groups which I think is a great idea.

[00:11:57] They’re also plannin on including video there too inside of LinkedIn groups. So be looking for that to happen.

Again I just see that this whole idea of engagement and really getting people to interact and create community is going to be huge. So another thing that I really want you to be careful of (and this is for my friends and family who are watching on my personal profile right now) because a lot of you I see try to use your personal profile as your sales page as your business page and there’s a lot of disadvantages to doing that.

One of the bigger things that’s probably going to be more prominent now that Facebook has made this decision is that they will be monitoring. Your personal profile is not to be used for constant frequent selling and promotion.

So please be careful that you are you are considering the potential for consequences. And one of the consequences being that your profile could be shut down. And I’ve already heard of a couple of people that have had their profiles shut down. If you are using your personal Facebook profile as a way to sell and promote get really crystal clear about what your goals are and think about using a company page.

How to Bulletproof Your Brand with Facebook (and any other Social Media) Changes

#1 – Get Clear on Your Branding

[00:14:09] What can you do? So the first one is to get crystal clear on your brand and buy your brand. What I mean is. Who are you. What is it that you are a master at. So what’s your mastery what’s your expertise. What is it that you do. Where are you planting your flag to say this is my expertise. And I can go on and on all day about that because that’s really my field. But what does your mastery. So what’s your expertise. The second thing is Who is your audience. Who do you serve. Who do you play with. Because it’s going to be even more important now than ever before for you to really get clear about that.

#2 – Learn to Become a Better Marketer

We do not have unlimited advertising budgets. You and I have a limited research and development budget and a limited advertising budget which means we’re going to have to be very smart and intelligent about where we spend our advertising dollars because we are going to have to get to be super marketers. We’re going to have to understand marketing like we never did before. We’re going to have to understand where our dollars are going if we’re going to be spending it on advertising. Please do not tell me that all you’re doing if you’re trying to promote on Facebook and trying to get your page to increase all you’re doing is boosting post because that’s never going to get you anywhere. We have to get educated.

[00:15:34] And that’s one of the other solutions is to really take the time as a person who is a service provider because many of you as my friends colleagues and clients are service providers. We have to not only know our trade and know what it is we sell and what service we offer and be experts there. We also need to be expert marketers and to understand how to promote ourselves to be more visible and to stand out so that we can reach our perfect clients and if we’re going to do that that means we have to get educated to really increase our business acumen. That means we’ve got to get smart about where we’re playing. We’ve got to get smart about who were serving. We’ve got to get really clear about what we do because we are not going to be masters of all and have an unlimited budget to be able to advertise to the world at least most of us women. So narrowing down those ideas are really going to help you to create an advertising budget which is my third fix. You want to know exactly how much money you are going to spend each month on your marketing on your advertising. OK so this does not mean simply just on a whim. Hey I’ve got this webinar are coming up I’ve got this program coming up and therefore I now I’m going to spend 50 dollars 100 dollars 150 dollars. We’re not going to do it that way. We’re going to be smart about it which goes back to my number two about building business acumen. So creating a budget is going to be key if we’re going to be paying to play.

#3 – Learn How to Advertise…the Right Way

[00:17:14] And that doesn’t matter what platform you’re on Linked In Twitter Facebook YouTube any of those. We’re going to pay to play which I believe we’re all going to be heading in that direction very soon. We need to get clear about what our budget is. What can I spend reasonably and how can I spend that from what I earn. Because we need to be earning do not make the mistake of constantly putting yourself out there putting yourself out there putting yourself out there without intention behind it and without really going to offer something that is of value and that people will pay you for. Because if you’re doing it just as a hobby that’s not going to generate income for you. That’s not going to support you or your family and is definitely not going to be providing for other people the model that you want to be as a professional and as a business owner.

So those are three things to think about. Definitely learn and when I talk about business acumen and building that learn how to become a better advertiser that’s something I’m working on right now. Follow people who actually know what they’re talking about who have done it who you see have done it. Okay look for their social proof for the results for the testimonials for the referrals and follow those people and learn from them how to become a better marketer and advertiser become a real marketer because you know what playtime is over that means all of the time that we’ve had over the past several years. I mean I’ve been doing this now I’ve been marketing online since 2010 at least.

[00:19:33] How do I become better at doing that in addition to becoming a better coach becoming a better consultant become a better trainer becoming a better whatever it is that you do? That’s how we have to start thinking so is simply a change in paradigm. It is not Facebook apocalypse. I’ve been seeing some articles that are saying that. So it is not the end of social media. It may be a little bit of edge not a little bit it’s a big change. It is a change and it’s a mental shift and we’re going to have to change the way we think about things. And we are going to have to be more careful and to know what the rules are. So if you’ve been playing in that space like I mentioned about using your personal profile to sell sell sell.

[00:20:18] Please understand and know exactly what you’re getting into. Go back and read find the facebook guidelines readthrough. I know it might take you a few days. Your eyes will glaze over. You may not be an attorney. I’m not either. It’s not fun but you need to know what you’re putting yourself at risk. You need to know what the potential for consequences are if you choose to do something that is opposite what they’ve said your terms of use are. Because when you signed up for a profile you pretty much signed up according to the terms of use that you probably never read. So just get clear on that.

I just felt like this was something instead of my normal topic that I really needed to touch on especially for my friends out there who are using or have used Facebook in the past as your platform for growth. I do continue to encourage and support you and using that I am in my own business starting to twist things a little bit so that I can be more effective at helping you to be better because you want help. You’ve been asking me so as I become a better marketer and a better advertiser then I can help you become a better marketer and advertiser too. So again.

[00:21:33] If you’ve got questions or comments or any thoughts on how you think this is going to either change your business or to how do you see yourself using certain solutions whether it’s things that I’ve mentioned or something that you’ve read or something that you’ve come up with on your own. Please feel free to share that in the comments and share this video because I think we need to really help our friends out. Is not just about as is about all of us thriving as a community of entrepreneurs who are selling what we sell and promoting ourselves in our own personal brand. So I just want you to share and also leave comments.

Let me know if this has been useful and helpful information for you. It has been my pleasure talking with you I’m double checking to see if I see any comments live. If I don’t see any right now then I certainly will check back in a little bit once we wrap up to make sure that I respond and react to anything that you’re leaving for me. But again this is all about making sure that you have what you need in order to be an effective promoter of your own brand and your services and products so hope has been super helpful for you tonight. The last thing I want to leave you with is that we’re about to get ready to close registration for our on camera competition. So if you are wondering how does she get to the place to where she was confident about having her face on Facebook on YouTube and all these other platforms.

[00:25:48] I am Tanya Smith. This has been Mindfully Marketing Live and I want to thank you so much for watching. Have a good night.

What other solutions would you suggest to safeguard your business with these changes? Share in the comments below.

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