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Set Aside Sacred Space and Get the Help You Need to Create Your Social Media Strategy

Attention Coaches & Service Providers, it’s time to stop spreading yourself too thin by posting on every social media platform and simply wishing, hoping and praying for your ideal clients to find you (with no real strategy)…

social media with tanya smith

Are you trying to build a solid following or spread your message on multiple social media platforms–to no avail?

Are you whipping up copious amounts of (really good) content, but still hearing crickets? Do you pour your heart into your content but still cross your fingers every time hit ‘post’ that somebody–anybody!–will respond? There IS another way…

Pinterest. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Snapchat. LinkedIn. If you’re like most online business owners, just seeing all those names laid out in black and white makes you break out in a cold sweat. 

I get it. Social media has kind of taken over the world. And you know that it’s one of the best ways to build a coaching business and solidly establish yourself as an expert.

But just because you’re a skilled coach, doesn’t mean you’re a skilled social media marketer.

Here’s the thing: Social media–and its uses–have transformed over the years.

Several years ago, things were simpler.

There were fewer platforms to choose from. Not only that, but there was a lot less noise on each platform. Top-notch content could ‘rise to the top’ much faster and easier. (And with way less caffeine consumed on the part of the content creator.)

But nowadays? It’s not enough just to have a presence on the top platforms.

It’s not even enough to post consistently incredible content. 

I mean, today, the top networks like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have users in the multiple millions. YouTube on its own has 1.5 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook topped 2 billion users

Which means?

Social media has put (almost) the entire world right at our fingertips.

But it also means that there are more people than ever posting–and vying for your ideal clients attention online than ever before.

Nowadays, if you want to “be seen,” you’ve got to know:

  • Where to post—and this ever-changing metric can be nearly impossible to keep up with!
  • How to post consistently amazing content—while making sure what you do post is a fit for both your platform AND your audience.
  • Not to mention, you have to keep up with it all–which means keeping your followers engaged, excited and practically begging for your next post.
  • Oh, and facilitating real relationships and conversations by responding to comments and messages in a timely manner!
tanya smith social media

If it all seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. But there is some good news…

Social Media Can Still Be a Gold Mine for Coaches and Small Business Owners–You Just Have to Learn How to Use It Right!

See, I understand. Most coaches decide that since there are so many platforms and so many people (and potential prospects!) on each platform, they should just try to be everywhere, all the time.

It seems like a solid strategy.

Why not do whatever you can to get the most eyeballs on your business, right?

But here’s the deal:

Showing up on EVERY social media platform EVERY DAY is exhausting. It’s time-consuming. And worst of all, it doesn’t even work!

If what you want is a massive-but-tight-knit tribe who feel a genuine connection with you–and who genuinely know, like, trust and consequently, want to buy from you…

Sometimes, less is actually more.

…As long as you know how to make ‘less’ work for you.

Because the truth is: Your people aren’t everywhere. 

Your ‘people’ are in just a few specific places.

So marketing yourself on ALL the social networks?  It’s simply a waste of time.

Right now you might be thinking something like:

“Okay, but how do I figure out where I should show up?”

“And what should I post when I get there?”

“And how can I truly keep the conversation going long enough to build a big following of people who hang on my every word/image?”

Finally! Learn the Secrets Successful Social Media Marketers Use to Grow Massive, Engaged Tribes Online

In this personalized coaching program I'll teach you how to...

  • Go where your ideal clients already are–and build thriving communities without burning out or spreading yourself too thin
  • Plan, schedule and share content with ease and efficiency (no more late nights or last-minute “What do I post?” freak outs)
  • Engage your audience–keep up with comments, cultivate genuine conversations and relationships and create a rock-solid K, L, T (know-like-trust) factor

So What Will We Talk About?

This is not just another course you will buy then let sit on a shelf...I'm talking about working directly with you on a very personal level in powerful strategy sessions over a single laser-focused day, or 6 separate virtual calls over 3 months.  In the private sessions, we'll talk about these topics:

  • Session 1: Branding with Archetypes Assessment
  • Session 2: Finding (or Clarifying) Where Your Tribe Is
  • Session 3: Defining Your Interaction Action Plan
  • Session 4: Planning Your Realistic Social Editorial calendar
  • Session 5: Content Creation Roadmap
  • Session 6: Engaging Your Followers (& Wrap-up)

It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard to Grow a Large, Engaged Fanbase on Social Media!

Just imagine knowing:

Exactly how to find the platform(s) your ideal clients are already on–so you know where to expend your precious energy (and where to shut it down)

What types of content perform best for each platform, so you can post to attract actual clients (and not just Likes or heart-eye emojis)

Forever working smarter, not harder

This Social Media Strategy VIP program breaks it all down for you.

The truth is, I can’t promise overnight social media success. I can’t promise you’ll gain 10k followers on Instagram in a month, or book three new clients from Facebook groups next week if you take this course.

But what I can say is that if you’re strategic and smart with where you market and how you market on social media, you can make a name–and a massive audience–for yourself faster than you thought possible.

Social Media Strategy VIP Experience

You're Invited to Spend Dedicated Time with Me - in a Day or Over 6 Calls - to Learn How to Create a Wildly Engaged Social Media Tribe…Without Spending All Your Time Staring At Your Phone!

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