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Overcome the Challenge of Getting In Front of a Camera, Connect with Your Audience & Build Trust with Videos

on-camera confidence tanya smith

On-camera videos, also known as “talking head” videos are simple videos that show a speaker talking to the camera, without fancy effects, animation, and action. The video shows a person talking to the viewer and presenting useful information or explaining how to do things.

Big Takeaways

By the time you finish this course, you’ll be able to identify how you can use simple on-camera videos to promote your business and confidently do more of it.

You will learn how to:

  • Be more prepared & mentally pumped up to create amazing on-camera videos
  • Use equipment you have at your disposal to produce these videos with ease and know what other resources you need
  • Choose relevant topics for videos and outline your script so that you’ll be ready once the camera starts rolling
  • Star in your own on-camera videos and look natural, speak comfortably, and feel relaxed in front of the camera with a little practice
  • Save, render, and do simple edits on your video so that it’s ready to post online where your audience will see it

Who is this for

This course is great for service providers in the life coaching, health & wellness or training industry who want to develop more confidence with using video to attract more clients.

What you will get

  • Daily video lessons delivered every day over 5 days, each with an assignment to help you build your confidence
  • Complete workbook & full slide deck so you can follow along and complete the exercises in real time
  • Clear, concise and snack-size bites of information so you don’t feel overwhelmed

These types of videos are a critical part of your marketing, because they give you the opportunity to connect in a more personal way with your audience. When they hear your voice AND see your face, they know you’re a real person. And that’s what starts to build the trust that forms lasting relationships with followers and customers.

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