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In this video I’ll share with you exactly how I recently set up my Facebook group to host an entire, well-organized course.

Notes from the Video

I’ve been creating online courses for a very long time. Some of you may remember a short and simple content course I had back in 2013 that was on my website called Share Your Stuff Online. It did very well as a list-builder for me.

But it was a bear to set up and maintain. I went through at least 5 different learning management systems (LMS’) and services to lock down the content to only people who signed up. It was a lot of work!

And besides the work, it was also pretty costly to do…buy this app to host the courses, another to charge people, another to lock down content, one for affiliates, rewards etc.

I could go on and on about this, but the end result is that I got smarter. And the more I learned the more I realized that creating content is about finding the shortcuts. Frankly, the content in itself is not your endgame.  Your goal is to use the content to drive people to your offers. So save yourself time wherever you can and use shortcuts when they’re available. 

[bctt tweet=” Your goal is to use the content to drive people to your offers.” username=”TweetTanyaSmith”]

So let’s get to the point of the post. I recently held a 5-day challenge for Instagram Stories. While I use Learndash right now on my WordPress site to host some course content, I really wanted a simple way to make this particular free challenge happen…and fast, because I’d gauged interest from a pretty good sized audience and wanted to take advantage of their interest before it went cold. 

What I did was set up a Mailchimp landing page with a list just for free signups. Then on confirmation, I let attendees get a reminder that they needed to request to join my Facebook group. That’s where the magic happened.

Now Facebook recently added a new group type option called Social Learning. Groups categorized this way can access the new ‘Units’ feature, and this allows you to use your group as a platform for online course content or to simply organize your posts according to topics. 

Wow! It was like turning a light switch on.

Let me show you how this looks:

Inside the Group, click More >> Edit Group Settings >> then choose the Social Learning group type.

You’ll be then asked if you want the members to see the default group Discussion layout or to see your Units first

I chose Units (watch the video to hear why and to get the rest of my walkthrough). 

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind Facebook is not your house, you just rent here! So in other words, make sure you store backups of EVERYTHING you put into the group. If you want to hear about how I lost a major resource document inside of Facebook Groups watch one of my previous video posts.

[bctt tweet=”Facebook is not your house, you just rent here.” username=”TweetTanyaSmith”]

Also, make sure you are maintaining an email list of the folks in your group. That’s why I asked people to sign up first through Mailchimp.  There were 3 main benefits: 

  • so i would have a back up list of member
  • so subscribers could get notifications even if the group somehow went away
  • so i could vet people who were signing up; I matched those who took the time to join the list to those who requested access to the group inside Facebook. This just seemed like a better way to ensure more credibility and to keep out trolls

Now for the future, I will probably use my 22Social account to set up the landing page right up front and that will serve as my gateway, collect leads and even charge a fee to access membership and participate in the challenge. 

You can see an example using my Instagram Stories Challenge. It’s now been converted to a paid challenge for $10).  There, you can take a peek at how I organized everything in the units. 

So next time you are thinking about holding a course, remember you can try working within your Groups.

When you change your Facebook group type to Social Learning, you can access the Units tab engage with your group in a number of ways such as offering a course, hosting a challenge, or simply organizing your posts.

Facebook units inside your groups allow you to track progress of your group members, and analyze what units and posts are most popular among your members.

Let me know what you think! How might you use the Units feature? Leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

Resources mentioned:

* Check Out the IG Stories Challenge course to see how mine is set up here ($10) –
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Thanks for watching!