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Mindfully Marketing Blog

3 Lessons from My Inspire Society Experience

I'm always looking for new ways to grow social media - it's what I love to do and what I coach about. So naturally, when I decided to really focus on growing my Instagram (@tanyasmithonline) I knew I needed more pictures. About a month ago, I signed up on...

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How to Hide Your Instagram Status

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will show your followers when you’re online using a big green indicator light. If you want to turn it off, I'll show you how in under a minute. Personally, having the light on reminds me...

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The 4 Types of Content EVERY Business Needs for Success

Video Notes Hi, I am the founder of Mindfully Marketing,  your #1 source for online content creation and social marketing with intention and purpose. My passion is to work with women business owners to leverage creative digital marketing techniques, strategies, and...

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The New Facebook Group Plugin – Live Demo

The New Facebook Group Plugin - Live Demo | In this video, I'm doing a real live walkthrough of where to download the new group plugin ( for Facebook Groups. I think it's so awesome that you can share your...

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3 Great Tools for Writing Better Social Media Content

Video Replay - Do Over Something weird happened with the FB Live version above, so here's the actual video for you... The hardest part of networking online is creating amazing social media content. We have a lot of reasons to struggle with...

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GDPR and What You Should Do About It in May 2018

In this video I'll share: 3 resources I trust for solid, plain English explanations A 6-point checklist of things I'll be doing to get ready by the deadline (May 25), and At the end I'll give you a quick overview of Principle #4 to becoming a more mindful marketer...

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I’m Tanya Smith, a social media branding & marketing coach who works with entrepreneurs in service industries to develop the confidence & information you need to promote your brand online with intention & purpose.

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