Tanya Smith is a professional branding & marketing coach who helps Women Service Entrepreneurs to thrive online and in real life.

First of all, I want to thank you — thank you for letting my site catch your eye. Something about what you saw has already made a connection with you.  Because if you are a service-centered business owner, you know what it means to be in the daily grind.  I do too.

But let me ask you this…

  • What would it be like if you learned how to market your business authentically, with ease and grace, while taking great care for your personal boundaries?
  • What if you didn’t over-exert yourself creating content that never gets read, or saved yourself a few thousand dollars on a program that gave you pointers you already knew?
  • What if you could be excited that every day you were working towards an outcome of your dreams without losing much needed sleep?

A Little About My Journey

After more than 25 years of being a corporate analyst and running my own business (yes, at the same time), I realized I had no life.  The one reason I went into business for myself was a core value for me – time freedom – and yet, I had none.

As a coach, I had trained vigorously on how to deliver amazing results to my clients using powerful questions.  As a social media and branding consultant, I earned numerous content & online marketing certifications to work with people to create infinite amounts of content they could share in “snack-size” bites.  I called this Snack Size Marketing.  The idea was great, but the execution was dead wrong.

Instead of enjoying time with the family, I was on my smartphone responding to tweets. Instead of working with awesome clients, I was busy taking unpaid speaking requests.  I resented my calendar and the clients that drained me dry.

The more visible I was, the more demands were made on my time. I found that every minute of my day was filled with either business, corporate sports, kid sports, Facebook or tweets. I had no quiet time to myself.  Any time I did have I filled with training, courses that cost me more than they earned me, guru after guru.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.  I saw my business idea for Snack Size Marketing as a godsend…and it was at the time, because it gave me a means to deliver my work through podcasts, courses and more….but it wasn’t making any money.

And in spite of the praise I got for the idea (“Ohh, I love snack-size!” “Wish I had that idea!”), I felt unfulfilled and struggled to be passionate about creating content for it or promoting the brand.

I was preparing to quit

Unsatisfied in my business, I decided it was time to shut the whole thing down.  Why not just go to work every day like “normal” people do. At least I’d have some time back. But I knew that wasn’t me.

I love working with people, especially women, who nurture others and have brilliant ideas, and want more out of their life through their business.  I felt selfish about keeping all I’d learned to myself.

Then I had a unique experience that eventually turned into an idea. It started as small as a candle flicker, then it became brighter and brighter for me after a trip to Denmark where I experienced the lifestyle of “hygge”.  Here’s a quick Youtube video to learn more about the concept but I’ll try to explain it…

Hygge is a Danish way of living, where you prioritize family, food, social time, and solitude.  It’s about keeping things simple and enjoying life while the day-to-day goes on. It is balancing the practical with what some call “the woo”.

I was in awe that people could live this way – putting life, heart connection and happiness above all else.   In case you didn’t know, Denmark is one of the happiest countries on earth.

I had this brilliant moment where I realized that I didn’t have to keep doing business, or life, the same. I could choose how to design my business. I could relax and step away from the computer. I would work on my mind and body so that my business could thrive. And I could make money doing it.

Years ago, one of my many certifications led me to master-level training in NLP (neuro-linguisting programming).  It had been years since I used the methods to transform my life, to quiet my mind, and find real connection to joy.  I dusted off my old training guides.  I started meditating again and affirming what I wanted my life to become.

I made the intentional decision to…

  • Stop doing the same old thing expecting that “one day it will all work out”
  • Work with the people I enjoyed most – women coaches, trainers, consultants
  • Teach and coach about what I love – leveraging both mindfulness and marketing to create thriving businesses
  • And honor my core values – freedom to manage my time, to say no, to read more books, to spend quality time with my kids and spouse

And out of this, Mindfully Marketing was born.

Business women today want balance

There is a new wave of entrepreneurs who want more than striving and grinding. We don’t want a life where we lose ourselves in the day to day.  One where we miss important dates with our loved ones.  One where we chase the next “big trend” in hopes it will bring us the freedom it actually denies.  One where we can be paid to do what we love.

I believe you can create a more balanced business that honors your sacred time and earns you the prosperity you deserve. You were meant for more.  My programs are built on this promise —

If you make room for what you love, what you love will make room for you.

There are 5 steps to what I call the Mindful Business Prosperity Roadmap and I’ll outline them here with this infographic:


And that is what Mindfully Marketing is all about.  I invite you to explore our programs and interact with me.  Discover your unique brand, take care of your mental well-being, and design a business that supports your dreams.

I’ll love on you no matter how far away you are; no matter what program you join with me. You can choose life over grind starting now.

Best always,

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