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In this short video I’ll talk about 6 principles to being more mindful in your marketing:

  1. People Over Process
  2. 3 Bucket Rule
  3. Plan to Be Productive
  4. Once & Done
  5. Simple is Simple
  6. Snack Size Everything!

Video Transcript

People Over Process

[00:00:15] So the first of the six items that I want to talk about is people over process and what that means is that we have got to especially when it comes to all of the automated tools and other things that we’re seeing pop up right now. We’ve got to keep in mind that it’s not so much about the process. That’s not the first priority.

The priority is — who are the people that are going to be consuming our information, who are the people that are going to be experiencing the flow when they decide that they want to sign up to spend time with us, whether you are a coach or you’re providing a service. How are we affecting their life? How are we making things better for them? How are we addressing pain points for them?

And in addition I think the people over process philosophy applies to you too as a person. How are you paying attention to your own self and the signs that you’re overwhelmed are burnt out? So keep that one in mind. People over process. That’s the first one and it’s not so much about the process. The priority is going to be the people first and then you build the process around the people to ensure that you’re getting consistency and that you’re getting the results that you really want and that they want from you.

3 Bucket Rule

The second is the three bucket rule. So people over process is number one. The second principle is the three bucket rule.

[00:01:37] So this is a rule that I followed faithfully for many years and then somehow I just let it fall by the wayside and started doing everything on my own.

The three bucket rule is about how you actually organize your day. So how are you organizing different tasks and things that are coming at you and the three buckets are you either automate it you sign it or you act on it. So anything that is coming to you no matter what the task may be.

If there’s something that needs to be done you can put it into one of those three buckets you can act on it directly. You can assign it and delegate it to someone else. Hire a team outsource it or you can automate. You can automate by using effective systems and apps and all kinds of different tools that we talk about here on my Facebook page as well as throughout the Internet. You can automate but keeping in mind principle number one that is people first. So it’s all about making sure that the automation tools that you’re using to simplify your life and your time also still represent you well as a person and as a brand.

So automate assign or act.

I think I’m a perfectionist. If you are in my circle you probably are one too because we just tend to flock together. But as a perfectionist one of the things that we find trouble with is being able to let go. I would often hire people to do projects for me and then I turn around take it and improve it. I think I’m improving it or do something different with it.

[00:03:10] We have to let that go and find ways to assign and give other people a chance to do what they’re gifted at doing for us. There was nothing like it when I actually hired out someone to create this slide deck for me that I needed a couple of years ago. I could have done it myself it would have taken me hours to do maybe even days. She did it for me in a couple of hours and gave me a wonderful product that I was able to use and then to resell. So think about ways that you can automate a sign or act. You can choose to act but don’t let it all be act act act act act or you will be in overwhelm. That’s just how it goes.

Plan To Be Productive

The third principle is to plan to be productive. So this third principle is about the idea that productivity doesn’t just happen. We have to make it happen. We have to plan it. We have to put things on our calendar. We have to ensure that we’re putting ourselves in a situation where we are going to get the productivity we are going to get the things done that we set out to do versus simply running rampant and hoping and praying that things will happen and doing things last minute.

So the procrastination in us has to go away. And the way that it goes away is through planning. Having a proper calendar and a proper to-do type of task list. I use tools like Todoist and other tools to keep me organized.

[00:04:55] Gqueues is another tool. It has gotten really proficient because it ties to your calendar to your Google calendar if you’re using Google products. So Gqueues is a really good one for you to take a look at. But I’ll spend some more time on these things because again this has been like really weighing heavy heavy on me that I have not been doing the basics that I know to do.

I’m going to do more with this and make sure that I help you by providing you with some tools that you can use to to be more mindful in your marketing. All right. So plan to be productive. We’ve got to have a plan a calendar task management tool

Once and Done

Once and done is principal number four and it means that you should really look into the idea of creating templates for everything. Because most of the time we as marketers are doing repetitive business task so if we’re doing repetitive tasks that means we shouldn’t be starting from scratch every time we should be creating something once that then serves to be a template for us for the future down the road.

For instance if you have a podcast if you’re doing it using some type of e-mail newsletter you’re going to have or create a template for yourself that you can then just continue over time to just plug in different content. So what I explained to my folks over in the mindful marketers club several weeks back before we took a pause. What I explained to them is that is sort of like a cake pan if you think about a cake pan OK and you can you can buy a cake pan that’s shaped in a heart heart shape.

[00:06:32] You can buy a cake pan that is round you can buy one that’s rectangular but you can put different content in it and create. Right. Create strawberry shortcake create coconut cream cake create a 7 up cake. You can create put different ingredients in it in that shape of that pan. So I’m using the heart shaped pan as an example that heart shaped pan is still always going to be heart shaped but it’s going to have a different type of cake in it. OK. Different type of cake. You can change out the mold you can change your templates depending on what you’re trying to do. But the ingredients are going to be different and it’s going to be shaped the same. That means that your branding is going to be consistent throughout each of your newsletters throughout each of your podcast throughout whatever it is you’re creating.

Simple Is Simple

So think about creating templates once and done is the principle that falls with that number five because I got to make this quick is simple is simple simple as a bowl you remember the keep it simple acronym. People used to say K-I-S-S right. I’m not using that. I’m going to say simple as simple because simple is just that it doesn’t mean you’re creating a bunch of complicated charts and graphs and you’re making things out to be much harder than they really are. It’s about keeping things easy. So look at ways in your your process in the things that you do everyday that you can simplify. I mean like really simplify you’re taking 10 steps to get to a point D.

[00:08:00] Think about how you can narrow down those steps to three steps three and five are my favorite numbers because really creating any type of list that’s three or five is doable if it gets to be more than 5 is probably going to be something that you will not get done so simple is simple.

Snack Size Everything

Then the final one you may be familiar with if you follow me and my snack sized marketing days is snack size everything. What that means it’s all about the principle of taking bigger broader projects and workshops and courses and things that you’ve created and narrowing those down into smaller content that you can then share on spaces like social media.


So those are my six principles for mindfully marketing people over process. The three bucket rule which is automate a site or acts number three is plan to be productive. Number four is once and done. Number five is simple is simple and then number six is snack size everything. I hope you’ve enjoyed my six principles and you will see more of this more tools more guides more things that you can use moving forward because honestly guys I just I have gotten to the phase where I just don’t I won’t put up with a lot of mess when it comes to marketing anymore. And I think that there’s a lot of folks out there that are selling hundreds and hundreds of courses and programs and all these other things and sometimes we just have to sit down and say wait a minute what is serving me well so that I can serve my clients and customers well we’ve got to narrow some of this stuff down and use things like automation.

[00:09:38] Yes but also keeping in mind that it’s about people as well. It’s about our own personal well-being. As business owners and as human beings.