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Do you know how some brands are making their mark online using Facebook and Instagram Stories? Well, today I’m going to talk about 3 genius ideas you can borrow for your own business to stand out online!

In this episode, I’m going to review an article sharing some rockstar stories ideas that truly elevate different brands on Instagram above the rest.  In the article I reference, which was shared on, the author walks through 10 brand examples where social media stories are used to promote awareness of the brand or to do a short walk through of services/products for the company.

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I cover three of my favorite Instagram stories in the article and why they stand out:

Daily Harvest (#1) – this brand delivers unprocessed foods in frozen form. Watch to see how they pack a lot of short messages into a single story.  Also pay attention to the article’s mention of four crucial questions to answer when creating a story in this fashion.

Hopper (#6) – this is a travel company that offers a 40% discount to users that Install their app. Sharing some kind of offer as a reward for paying attention or taking a certain action is pure genius. How can you use this approach in your own business?

Shein (#9) – a women’s fashion brand, this example shows how stories can be a great platform for showcasing a series of products or a single product from a variety of angles.  Then it makes use of the ‘highlights’ feature to organize various items by theme.

Besides the three stories ideas I highlight in the video, there are seven more in the Adspresso article to help nudge your creativity.  Try a few yourself and let me know how it goes!