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Tanya Smith is an experienced content marketing & strategy consultant working with entrepreneurs to develop the tools, confidence & mindset to promote their expertise online through digital courses and visual media.
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I help online brandS use simple strategies to successfully CREATE ONLINE content and promote your unique brilliance online

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About Tanya Smith

Known as the Mindfully Marketing Coach, Tanya is a soccer mom and geeky student of all things internet, teaching heart-centered entrepreneurs making a difference online to work smarter, earn more income and gain confidence in their brand by working with the right people on the right income-generating activities.


Working with Tanya paid off immediately!

I hired Tanya because she had a proven record of success in my line of business and who could also support me by providing tools, tips, and resources.

I was finally able to get results

Tanya helped me streamline my business process, to be of greater service to my clients, and increase my business revenue.

Helped me to choose the right online tools

Great overview on tips and tools to help me expand awareness of my brand. Very helpful and simplified vs. trying to find out from many different resources.

Tanya's use of technology in real-time was brilliant!

This experience provided me with a greater sense of focus, and reduced the stress from “being all over the place” with my vision. I believe she did save me $$ and I viewed the dollars paid for her services as an investment, not merely a business expense.

Mindfully Marketing Live Tribe

The Mindfully Marketing Tribe is a community for real, honest advice on marketing, branding, lead generation systems, and business growth coaching for those seeking to get greater visibility and serve more of their perfect clients online. Our training calls and engaging conversations are designed to help you keep on top of the latest marketing trends in content marketing.

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How to Hide Your Instagram Status

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The 4 Types of Content EVERY Business Needs for Success

The 4 Types of Content EVERY Business Needs for Success

Video Notes Hi, I am the founder of Mindfully Marketing,  your #1 source for online content creation and social marketing with intention and purpose. My passion is to work with women business owners to leverage creative digital marketing techniques, strategies, and...

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The New Facebook Group Plugin – Live Demo

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3 Great Tools for Writing Better Social Media Content

3 Great Tools for Writing Better Social Media Content

Video Replay - Do Over Something weird happened with the FB Live version above, so here's the actual video for you... The hardest part of networking online is creating amazing social media content. We have a lot of reasons to struggle with...

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